Telligent Community 6.0 custom tagging solution

In this article I will be briefly describing a custom component I developed for integrating two web platforms at a client, the website and their community (running Telligent Community 6.0) . The website uses a tagging system which matches news articles and seminars to content pages on the website. The website itself is developed in .Net web forms. The tagging is managed via the Tridion Content Management System (5.3). The tagging system will be expended in the near future by pulling content from the community and matching it to content pages on the website using the same tagging system.

The community is developed using Telligent Community 6.0, which gave me to opportunity to work with this new product. The Telligent platform has evolved greatly compared to its predecessor Community Server, especially when it comes to customization and integration. The easiest way to integrate Telligent Community 6.0 is through using the rest API, which is quite elaborate as the documentation will show.

Unfortunately, while the Telligent API is pretty elaborate, there are no endpoints available to pulling content by their tags. Something I hope will be available in the future, since the data structure for storing tags within Telligent is pretty straightforward.

When developing the integration component we went for a simple integration with maximum performance. Since the website can communicate directly with the Telligent Community 6.0 database, we choose not a developed a web service, but integrate the code into the website directly. We used standard Linq2Sql with repository pattern to hold the objects, and developed some business logic to sort the results by relevancy. Nothing especially fancy from a technical perspective, but I always find it fun to integrate platforms.

Since I will be developing a full community in Telligent Community 6.0 at a later period, there may be more articles regarding Telligent custom widget development on the way.